The Ball of Thread!


In my studio, in a bowl, is a ball of thread. Why? I can’t really explain it except to say that it is the way I think. I straighten my fabric for quilts by a method taught by Harriet Hargrave. It produces a lot of stray threads, and for some reason I thought it would be fun to make them into a ball, and have just not stopped. It is by no means all the strings in my life, in fact I haven’t added to it for quite a long time.

So why the story? It is to illustrate how I think. I am a designer, always have been, always will be. I have a very good mind for spatial relationships. I “see” everything in a form like the thread ball. Everything relates to each other. Complex concepts, small little details, relationships with people, feelings etc. My life is just one giant ball of interconnecting threads. I don’t design during the day. I wake up most morning with patterns swimming in my head! I have way too many to ever put into pattern form or even attempt to make. The hardest part of my being a designer is not the creating it is the not wasting of my time on the “unworthy”. I have literally hundred of WIP’s swimming around in my head and dozens in my studio. I have only published three patterns. Why? They are the projects my friends have asked me for a pattern! Nothing magical. There is no “make money” mentality here. If money were my motive, I would have to be way more prolific at pattern writing! At this rate I would be starving!

In the last month, I have been forced to deal with my beliefs on the difference between what it is to be a designer and what it means to be creative.

Let me state in no uncertain terms, I absolutely knew before this month what the copyright laws are for patterns. I am not stupid! I am not oblivious! I am not hiding my head under the proverbial rock. I did my research, I have talked to a lawyer. I absolutely knew before any of this happened that the laws on this are murky at best and that copyright is just one of the many ways to protect yourself. But in the end it is extremely hard to prove, and there really is no monetary recourse to proving it. It is just a big waste of time, money and mental thought. The law, as it stands, is not the designer’s friend. As it has been put since the beginning of the legal system, it is perfectly legal to be an *******! Lets just say I have stated to others from the day that I published this pattern that it would be “copied”. It was no a surprise!

Here is what I believe:
– Truly creative people recognize that they are standing on the shoulders of those before them. There is nothing in this world that I have designed or will design in the future that is not built on something someone else done. Truly creative people don’t have to defend or “not defend” themselves on the internet. They recognize that they are not an island unto themselves. There is a deep understanding that there is “nothing new in the world”.
– The absolute greatest joy I have from selling this pattern is being witness to the feelings of accomplishment that people seem to get from making the bag! It was such an unexpected blessing to me. I love seeing your bags and your excitement over your bags!
– There are some amazingly creative people out there! The amount of creativity that has been bestowed on my pattern is truly amazing! There are some seriously fabulous bags out there! People just seem to keep upping the creative anti!
– The people who buy my pattern are not “out to get me”- yes, even the person who buys my pattern, raves about it’s merits, and then does me the “compliment?” of producing her own pattern, and pricing it the same as mine so I won’t be offended (really?). There has been so much said on this that I don’t feel that I need to comment except to say I have a true and abiding sadness and pity that she doesn’t seem to understand why people were so against her. Enough said! There will forever more be no more comment on this from me!
– People are amazing gift givers! Some of the best bags out there are ones that have been given as gifts to others. I wish I could find on IG the one that I saw that was made out of “hexie’s” and given as a gift. It was truly an amazing labor of love. I actually communicated this to the maker at the time! At the moment I can’t find it! If you know who it was let me know!

So here is to all the amazing creative people in this community! You are the BEST!      IMG_0570


5 thoughts on “The Ball of Thread!

  1. OMG – I missed the part about someone hijacking your pattern. I hope that it is not the online class purveyor that has it listed! I am so sorry for you. It is a remarkable pattern and it is, most definitely YOURS alone!

    • If you are talking about the Craftsy class, Tara is a great friend of mine. If you are talking about the Quilt Barn Sew a Long, then she asked my permission and I send people to it! It is a wonderful tutorial. Anything else I don’t know about!

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